Radio Collaborations

Patchwork Heart Radio has been blessed to work with other authors, speakers and radio hosts to create collaborative content.  Below are links to listen to the podcasts that we partner with others to produce. 



The Sewing Hope Podcast

Sewing Hope is an audio live-stream and podcast on Patchwork Heart Radio, our ministry’s radio initiative. Co-Hosted by our founder Bill Snyder and Anne DeSantis, it is an uplifting and interactive conversation about how faith sustains our hearts through all the seasons of our lives. The show features a mixture of conversation, live messaging/call-ins and interviews with guests. 

Tools to Ready the Journey: A Father's Guide To A Faith-filled Family

Based on the book with the same title, Tools To Ready The Journey, A Fathers Guide to a Faith-Filled Family, Patchwork Heart host Bill Snyder and author Ray Haywood will focus on handing on the tools, shared as awarenesses, through a series of conversations aimed to strengthen and give structure to young men as they move towards becoming intentional leaders of their families in the realization that, before we can lead, we must first follow. This series of chapter podcasts will reveal the author’s intent and will serve as a supplemental guide to the book to help the reader/listener incorporate the practical wisdom of the tools revealed with intent in their daily lives. Step closer with us and join our community of like-minded faith-filled men as we ultimately transform the  world around us in our intentional reflection.

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